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Google Adds Feature To Compute Engine

Google has launched a new Compute Engine feature called Compute Engine Usage Export, which lets users export detailed reports about their usage data and get mroe granular insight into their Compute Engine usage at a resource level.

“For example, you can monitor exactly how long a virtual machine has been running or how much storage space a persistent disk uses on a daily basis,” explains product manager Ken Sim. “Similar to Billing Export, Compute Engine Usage Export allows you to export a CSV file with the detailed usage data to a Google Cloud Storage bucket you specify. This CSV file can then be accessed through the Cloud Storage API, CLI tool, or Console.”

The feature provides daily reports that show usage data from the last 24 hours as well as monthly rollup reports, which show data up to the most current day.

“This feature complements Billing Export to provide you with basic tools for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing cost. You can link items between the two exports to easily identify charges for a particular resource,” says Sim.

The Usage Export feature can be enabled from the console:

CSV files are placed in a Cloud Storage bucket, and will contain line items for each resource during the time frame covered.

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