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    Regardless of whether you operate as a sole-proprietor, LLC, or other organization, InvestorServices is dedicated to helping your business thrive!

    InvestorServices is positioned to assist you in charting the financial course of your enterprise. As part of a team of financial (investment and banking) professionals located at Empire Bank we can provide a truly comprehensive look at where your business operations currently stand, as well as help you develop a strategy for the future.

    Financial Review
    Take advantage of a confidential, no-obligation review of your current financial situation. Our thorough approach provides an extensive overview of your current financial condition, both personally and professionally. 

    Financial Planning
    Once your review is complete, a comprehensive investment strategy (based on your priorities and unique needs) will be designed to address your financial goals – business and personal - no matter what life or the markets throw at you. Most importantly, your plan will be:

    • Goal driven (both short- and long-term)
    • Designed to meet acceptable risk tolerance and investment horizon considerations
    • Crafted to integrate all aspects of your business financial life, including capitalization, retirement planning (for you and your employees), investments, insurance, taxes, as well as business succession, and estate strategy goals.

    Once your strategy is established, we will meet regularly to review your progress, discuss evolving situations, and determine whether any changes are necessary. Studies show that investors who have a financial plan and meet regularly with a financial professional are less likely to panic and pull out of the market at the wrong time.*

    *Source: “Financial Advisors and Boomers: Regular Use May Be Beneficial to Your Wealth.” Retirement Income Industry Association Strategic Study Series, January 2010.

    Business Succession
    You’ve worked hard to build your business. Aside from the financial component, you’ve invested your time, not to mention copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears. Let our professionals show you how to protect that investment, and help you pass the business on to family members, trusted key employees or position it to sell on the open market – all in a prudent and tax advantaged manner. After all that hard work, you owe it to yourself to maximize your departure alongside your returns.

    Employee Benefits
    Employee benefits are a valuable asset to every small business. The right benefit package will help you attract and retain the best employees – enhancing your competitive edge and keeping your company on solid financial footing and a strong growth track.

    As a successful business owner, you know there is one constant in life and in business: Change. How you manage change plays a significant role in your success. InvestorServices supports business owners with retirement planning strategies designed to meet the unique needs of their employees and themselves. However, in an era of ever-changing government regulation, even a well-designed retirement plan can become obsolete. Our philosophy is to not only meet your current needs, but to position you and your employees to take advantage of future opportunities as they arise. We will help you choose from a wide range of benefits, including;

    Retirement Planning

    IRAs including:

    • Simplified Employee Pension (SEP)
    • Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees of Small Employers (SIMPLE)

    Defined Benefit Plans

    • Profit-Sharing Plans
    • Health Insurance and Health Savings Accounts
    • Cafeteria Plans
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